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We are pleased to introduce our new brand Tallman.Promo. Many hours have gone into our new website, the new CRM system, the new design and the new product portfolio. We are getting great feedback and are improving at every change we get.

Some who know us from previous iterations as TRENCH Marketing Projects, TMP Advertising Balloons, or Publi-Air Canada. Our history began in 2005 when founder Jeroen 'J' Oosterom started a small inflatable advertising company from his attic in Stratford, ON, Canada. Specializing in custom inflatable advertising, the small operation quickly was supplying some prominent events such as the 2007 and 2009 Grey Cup, MLS, NBA and NHL games and even to a few movie productions (our highlight is making the inflatable life raft in the final scene of Pacific Rim).

Since those early days we have added tons of other event marketing products to our portfolio. We sell flags, tents, signage, vehicle graphics, promo and cheer gear. Best of all we are having a blast doing it.

So now we start this TallMan.Promo blog. As much as this first post is all about us, we will strive to make all subsequent ones about you, our valued clients. In the end what we want to be is - Your #1 Source for Event Marketing Products.

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