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TALLMAN.PROMO provides unique ideas for epic events and supplies you with the best quality products to do so.  We offer a variety of high quality printing options depending on the order size as well as material options.  From small projects to large when you order with Tallman Promo you are getting a high quality product that will exceed your expectations.

Print Quality

TALLMAN.PROMO offers Dye sublimation printing, as well as solvent ink print and screen-printing options.  All give you beautiful results on any product. Be aware that if you need your own original artwork to be printed, you will need to provide the proper format. If you have any questions, before placing your order feel free to contact us directly.

Since all of our products are printed using high-quality colour, a design or logo that contains more colours can impact the price.  However the product will always look and perform exceptionally. Additionally TALLMAN.PROMO promises to provide the superior products and pricing to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Product Quality

Not all products are the same even though the quality will be top notch. You need to consider which type of material is the best for you, depending on how or where you will be using your products. There are a variety of high quality materials that are durable, lightweight, heavy duty, flame retardant, and UV protectants.  Consequently,  to make sure your product stands the test of time and delivers you results.  If you have any questions with regards to the best quality material for your product feel free to contact us directly

TALLMAN.PROMO only uses the best products and production methods to guarantee you get a top notch unique product.  We stand behind our products and are proud to show what we have worked on previously.