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Posted on April 10, 2019

TallMan.Promo is a proud sponsor of Neumeister Racing along with their charity sponsor 'A Child's Smile'. A couple of decades ago racecars were the only vehicles you would find with logos and advertising on them (not withstanding logos on delivery trucks). Things have changed and these days. It pays to have your fleet recognized with your branding. In the post, we want to show you some of the most creative designs out there and we talk about the ROI of vehicle wraps.

You can’t miss them. The eye-catching, show-stopping vehicle wraps on the cars and trucks around town. It is a great way to advertise your business. 

Most of the time we see logos, company name, and contact information on them, but sometimes clients let their creative minds go wild!

Here are our top 10 unique vehicle wraps:

1. The Faker - this is actually a brand new truck. The wrap  was designed to make it look like a clunker.

2. Matching Styles - consistency is key. The impact of the creative pattern applied to the vehicle and apparel really hits home.

3. The Constrictor - 100%  of possible impressions realized. Brilliant!

4. The Hopping Mad - the understated color pattern on the Craft Brewer's Wrap makes it even better. The beer is awesome too.

5. The See-Through - Wonderfully designed, makes you look 5 times before you clue in what is going on.

6. The Borderline Criminal - I guarantee calls were made.

7. The Exposed - No need to pop the truck to show the raw power of this Ferrari.

8. The Tight Squeeze - Made you look and you were worried for the driver for a moment!

9. The Simple But Effective - Because it is simple but effective

10. The Wrap That Works - Gets the job done every day! Creates excitement for the brand and makes people want to tune to Live 95.5.

The ROI of vehicle wraps

Our vehicle signage services range from partial wrap logos on the rear or the sides of the vehicle, custom vinyl decals for cars, full car wrap advertising in colored vinyl, or printed vinyl images of window graphics that can cover the whole vehicle.

The benefits are:
 - It’s the best tool to turn your commute into a marketing campaign.
- Promotes your product and services 24/7.
- It’s an effective way to reach potential customers instantly.
- It’s durable.

Some studies indicate the daily impressions of a car wrap range from 20.000 to 50.000. Multiply that by the life span of the average wrap of 3 to 5 years. The result is that vehicle advertising is a top performer in terms of Return On Investment vs. Print, TV, Radio and Online Advertising.

About TallMan.Promo 
We provide premium car wrap advertising services that help in raising brand awareness of your on-road corporate image and maximises the selling capacity of your company. We believe that every car or corporate fleet is an advertising opportunity for your business. It has incredible potential to make your business stand out from the crowd. We provide high-quality promotional signage for promoting your company’s logo.

Vehicle advertising lets you display your company and contact information in a unique, highly visible format. It is an easy way to get your business known in your area. Mobile advertising is great for any business – no matter the size!
From the design work of your full vehicle wrap to the installation, our staff at TallMan.Promo can help you. We have 3M certified vinyl installers with plenty of experience wrapping cars.

Much like your vehicle, you want your advertising to withstand harsh winds, rain and snow. With our durable and quality materials we at TallMan.Promo  guarantee that your design will last even in the most extreme weather conditions.

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If you have any questions, email us and we can help you get the vehicle advertising you want!.


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